The appellate court is a critical component of the court system and an important venue for obtaining relief for defendants. Proceedings at the trial court level are conducted under the watchful eye of the appellate court. An effective appellate advocate is one who is familiar with the procedural and substantive aspects of both the trial and appellate courts. Nate Nieman’s practice is unique in that he practices daily in the state and federal trial courts while also regularly representing clients on post-conviction and on appeal. Mr. Nieman’s practice is driven by creative problem-solving, at any stage in the criminal proceeding, by applying his knowledge and experience from all stages of criminal proceedings. Being represented by a lawyer who brings this global problem-solving approach to each case ensures that you will receive quality client-focused representation before our courts of review.

Mr. Nieman represents clients needing representation before Illinois and Iowa appellate courts and the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. He mostly represents clients who come before these courts with criminal matters, but he also assist clients appealing judgments in civil cases.

Presenting a strong case on appeal requires engaging an attorney with a unique skill set suited to appellate practice. Being represented by a skilled attorney in this area can substantially increase a client’s likelihood of success in the appellate process. It is essential that a defendant considering appellate relief contact an attorney who regularly practices in this area of criminal defense. Mr. Nieman would be happy to discuss with you whether appealing your conviction would be appropriate in your case. He can be reached by phone at (309) 623-4831 or by email at [email protected].

Below is a list of recent cases in which Mr. Nieman was able to secure a victory for his client in the appellate court:

  • In re Jo.P., 2014 IL App (3d) 130941-U link (Successfully defended client’s petition for adoption on appeal)
  • People v. Ramos, 2016 IL App (3d) 160002-U link (Obtained reversal of client’s aggravated battery conviction)
  • In re L.M., 2017 IL App (3d) 170056-U link (Obtained reversal of order terminating client’s parental rights)
  • People v. Mallet, 2018 IL App (1st) 161669-U link (Obtained reversal of client’s delivery of a controlled substance conviction)
  • People v. Hall, No. 3-16-0600 (2018) (Obtained reversal of client’s unlawful possession of controlled substance conviction)
  • People v. Lisle, No. 3-18-0238 (2019) (Obtained reversal of order extending client’s term of civil commitment)
  • People v. Cady, 2020 IL App (3d) 190199, link (Obtained reversal of client’s armed violence conviction and 15-year sentence)

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