Expungement, Sealing and Executive Clemency

Nate Nieman‘s practice focuses on challenging or removing criminal convictions. This can be done by filing a direct appeal to a reviewing court, filing a post-conviction petition, or by using another form of collateral attack in the trial court. However, sometimes these conventional methods of challenging convictions and/or sentences are unavailable either because too much time has passed, the defendant is no longer serving any portion or his or sentence, or the defendant simply decided not to challenge his or her conviction and/or sentence after the conviction became final.

Even if these conventional methods are no longer available, individuals can still remove a charge or conviction from their record through by filing an expungement or sealing petition or by filing a petition with executive clemency. In the case of expungement and sealing petitions, many charges and convictions, both new and old, can be removed from someone’s criminal record through this process. In the case of executive clemency petitions, any conviction can be removed from someone’s record, regardless of the type of conviction it is and when it occurred.

Please see our expungement and executive clemency pages for more information on how to remove charges or criminal convictions from your record. If you have further questions after reviewing those pages, contact Nate Nieman for further information and analysis of your case.

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