Mr. Nieman primarily publishes at Illinois Post-Conviction Blog, where he writes about recent developments in the area of criminal collateral attacks. He has also written several articles on criminal law and procedure for the Northern Law Blog, and his articles were also published in the February and March 2011 issues of the Kane County Bar Briefs and the March 2011 issue of the ISBA’s Traffic Law and CourtsPDFs of these articles are found below.

  • “New Grounds for Challenging Red Light Tickets After PA 96-1016 and Melendez-Diaz,” ISBA Traffic Law & Courts (March 2011). Read Full PDF >>
  • “New Duties for Criminal Defense Counsel After People v. Padilla,” Kane County Bar Briefs 30 (February 2011). Read Full PDF >>
  • “Harassment Statutes After People v. Cardamone: Lowering the Bar for Conviction but Raising Constitutional Questions,” Kane County Bar Briefs 38 (June 2010). Read Full PDF >>

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