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Nieman Law Group is a criminal defense firm located in the Quad Cities, blocks away from the Mississippi River dividing Iowa and Illinois. Though we generally focus on the single practice area of criminal defense, our firm assists clients with the numerous legal problems that fall within the ambit of that practice area, in both Iowa and Illinois. Not only does our practice cover both sides of the Mississippi, we represent clients in the trial courts, on appeal, before administrative courts, tribunals, prisoner review boards, school boards, municipal courts, and more. And we do that in both English and Spanish.

Nieman Law Group’s extensive criminal defense offerings ensure that every angle of your problem is covered. For instance, an seemingly incosequential arrest for a misdemeanor domestic battery in Illinois may result in criminal charges being filed in the Illinois trial court. If you have children, the arrest could trigger a DCFS investigation, leading to a case being opened in the administrative courts. This may result in the State filing a juvenile abuse and neglect petition in juvenile court seeking to remove the children from your home. The domestic battery conviction could then lead to your probation being revoked in Iowa. And just when you thought you were in the clear, the federal immigration authorities come knocking on your door because that domestic battery conviction is a crime of moral turpitude that could subject you to deportation. When clients have different attorneys or agencies handling related but different aspects of the same legal problem, a relatively minor legal problem can have disastrous consequences down the line. We get that, and that is what makes us different. Our lawyers can handle every facet of your legal problem under one roof. We work to keep your legal problem as contained as possible so we can focus on solving it.

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